Advantages of Used vs. New Models in Woodbridge, VA

2019 Ram 2500HD | Woodbridge, VA

When purchasing a car, you have so much to consider. One such important feature is whether to buy a new vehicle or a pre-owned model. Here is a closer look at the advantages of used vs. new models at Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Benefits of a pre-owned model

The upfront costs of a pre-owned model will be less, sometimes significantly less than what a new model offers. With the money you will save on a used model, you have the potential to upgrade to a higher trim level or more recent model year. If you were buying a new model, you might have to settle for an entry-level trim. When you opt for a used model, your choice of make, model, year, and trim level expand. Savings on a used model go beyond the sticker price, too. Most likely your insurance rates, taxes, loan payments (if applicable) will be less expensive as well.

Advantages of a new vehicle

Buying a new vehicle means access to the latest tech, comfort features, and innovations the auto industry has to offer. As the first owner, you won’t have to stress over a vehicle history report or worry about previous owners. A new car comes with a manufacturer warranty, which can cover the costs of applicable repairs or maintenance for a set period. New cars often come with incentives or deals or better interest rates for your loan, which can help you save on such a big purchase.

At Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram in Woodbridge, Virginia, you will find a large inventory of high-quality new and used models. Stop by and check them out!

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