Spring Car Care Tips

Lustine CDJR Service | Woodbridge, VA

As you dive into your spring cleaning routine, be sure to include your car on the list. With warmer weather around the corner, here are some car care tips to get your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Wash Your Car

Salt and grime from winter roads can build up on your car, so start the spring off with a clean, fresh car! Get rid of the winter gunk by washing your car, especially the undercarriage and wheel wells.

Clean The Inside

After trekking snow and ice into your car’s cabin all winter long, now’s the perfect time to give it a good going over. Wash the floor mats, vacuum the carpet, and throw out any trash that accumulated over the winter.

Set Tire Pressure

Fluctuating temperatures can affect your tire pressure. With the worst of winter behind us, check your tires and set them to the appropriate pressure. Keeping your tires inflates can improve your fuel economy and keep them rolling for longer.

Check Tire Alignment And Suspension

There’s no better time to check your tire alignment than in the spring, especially if you’ve encountered a couple of potholes throughout the winter. Just bring your car into Lustine CDJR and our service department can help align your tires, check your suspension, and perform any other necessary services such as oil changes.

For all of your service needs, turn to the certified experts at Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram, right here in beautiful Woodbridge, Virginia.

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