What’s the Difference Between Regular and Synthetic Motor Oil?

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There are two types of oil that you can put in your car: synthetic and conventional. But, before you head over to Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram for your next service appointment, it’s important to know which variant is right for you.

Oil is important for car engines because it provides the necessary protection and lubrication to keep the parts moving with reduced friction. Generally speaking, we think that synthetic oil offers more benefits, even though it does cost more. According to AAA and industry tests, synthetic oil performs 47 percent better than conventional motor oil. There are some key differences, though.

Conventional oil is derived from crude oil, which has natural impurities. While synthetic oil also starts from crude oil, it is more refined and has more additives that improve its performance.

Because synthetic oil features higher quality base oils than conventional variants, they offer superior stability and improved lubrication; protecting the engine due to lower levels of friction. Synthetic oils keep engines cleaner by not forming deposits that reduce the engine’s efficiency. Engineered to resist high temperatures, synthetics function better in hot climates than conventional oil. Additionally, synthetic oils produce fewer emissions, delivering better fuel and oil economy.

If you’re due for an oil change — or if you want to learn more about which variant is right for you and your vehicle — don’t hesitate to contact us at Lustine Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram.

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